Sunday, January 11, 2009

House Without A Door

All over the world the name, “God” is acceptable. The word standing alone means different things to different people. “Higher Power”, to some…”Energy Within Us All”, to others.

If you watch the Oprah shows on spirituality you will discover that “God” has found a comfortable place in discussions ranging from, cosmic energy to, discovering the real YOU…who is One with the Universe.

Yes, God is a gleaming house set on a high hill. Never actually reached, the subject of speculation and deep discussion and therefore, never entered into by the common man. Something never entered and only viewed with wonder and amazement from the exterior, is always a topic of comfortable discussion, no matter the backgrounds or religious beliefs of the examiners. In short, this…”God”, is nothing more than a house without a door.

It could be thought of like this. Fort Knox is a place that is legendary. It has been written about in books, and has been the subject of various television documentaries. Yet, for most of the world it is simply a place of awe, relegated to the discussions and imaginations of inquiring minds. For you see…Fort Knox is completely inaccessible to the public. No one is even allowed to drive on the vast property which houses much of the gold reserve for the United States.

So the question of, “What is inside Fort Knox”, is not nearly as important as, “How does one get inside Fort Knox?” The contents are unimportant without knowledge of the door that gets you in.

The same is true of what God has become in the minds of men and women around the world. Entertainers are careful to give thanks to God for the awards given to them for performances ranging from great dramatic roles to half nude renditions of profane lyrics that make the top of music charts around the world. God is that comfortable, unapproachable…”House on the hill”, that is easily recognized and embraced, for it is the belief that no one has entered therein. It is simply a, “House Without A Door.”

If it is decided that there actually is a door leading into this elusive house, surely we must accept that every house has a different door. Some houses have stained glass doors, while others have wooden doors of simple design. Some houses have double doors and others have single access. Therefore…one could easily argue that there can never be just ONE door leading into the house of God.

However, though there are many different doors for different houses, each house has but ONE main entrance to receive all who enter inside to see the wonder beyond the walls. Each house has ONE door. The same is true for the house of God.

The world is comfortable tossing the name of God around at will because most see it as a house without a door. Those who believe you can actually enter in are convinced there are different doors for different people.

Silly when you think about it. It is somewhat reminiscent of the days when whites walked in the front doors of the great southern plantations and blacks stood at the back door to receive whatever handout was coming to them. If the house of God has many entrances, depending on our station in life or, worse yet…”How we see it or believe it to be”, then this God we toss about so easily is surely the most racist and divisive of all. This “Higher Power” we so comfortably refer to would be no different from the lower ways of creation across the pages of history.

The truth is, “There is a door.”  All who enter into the wonderful house of God are free to enter in the very same door. Blacks, whites, poor and rich…all are received through the main doorway..

Jesus is the door. There is the problem for the universal mind.

Suddenly, the Oprah discussions on spirituality, along with the trite acceptance speeches of the previously mentioned entertainers, are rendered silent at the mere mention of the name. God is so universal, and yet…”Jesus”, the doorway, is so specific. The universal religion of man grows immediately uncomfortable with specifics.

This great religion of man can deal with vagueness, psychobabble, and grand illusive houses that remain universally recognized, yet….”Unapproachable”. But this inferior religion governed by mankind’s inferior trinity of MeMyself…and I, cannot tolerate, speak of, or deal with a specific doorway into the confusion it has built as the greatest cult of them all. “The House Without A Door.”

Therefore, the door leading into the house of God has been removed, and the house stands silent and quite ominous on a far away hill. There are many passersby and many who pause to acknowledge this house, but that’s all it is…”A house without a door.”

It’s really quite astounding when you think about it.

This simple door…this, “Jesus”, renders the world utterly speechless. The fact that is most confusing is the fact that this simple door has caused such a rumble that most are unable to acknowledge his name. The simple door shakes the foundations of the earth some two thousand years after it was first spoken.

“Jesus”…so simple, so humble…so specific, so easily removed from the language of man, thereby…closing the door that gains him access to the riches of God. Yes, it is really quite astounding when you think about it.


While the great minds of mankind easily toss about the awesome name of, “God”, who remains reclusive behind the walls of man’s imaginary... “House Without A Door.”

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